What better way to welcome Spring this than year with a button contest. Anna has a fascination with buttons, so she drew up a bunch of designs for me to cut out for her craft room.

Converting Anna’s drawings into workable 3D designs and then cutting them out on our CNC was so much fun that I went a little crazy with the idea. I ended up creating around 30 different 3D button designs and so far I’ve successfully cut out close to a dozen of them.

Join our Button Design Contest

  1. Fill out the form above (This will inform us that you are interested in joining the contest. It will also add you to our “Button Design Contest” list, which allows us to send updates about the contest.
  2. Optional: Follow BurchBuilt on Instagram and/or Facebook (we’d appreciate it; hopefully you enjoy our projects too).
  3. Create and submit a rough sketch of your button design(s). To create a 3D rendering of your button design, we need the following:
    1. A bird’s-eye view (As pictured)A rough sketch of a button
    2. A sliced view; sometimes it’s necessary to create multiple sliced views (As pictured)A rough sketch of a button
    3. Dimension details – It’s helpful to add other dimensions within the sketch. If no dimensions are provided, I’ll make my best guess.
    4. Number of holes and hole placement
  4. Submit your entry to anna@burchbuilt.com
    1. Receive proof-of-concept confirmation. We need to make sure it’s a design we can cut.
    2. Receive your entry number
  5. Share the contest link, your entry number, and hashtag on FB and/or Instagram, or anywhere that’ll help you get votes. (We will provide a default share template that you can use)
  6. Encourage people to vote for your design
  7. The winner will be determined by votes; to be announced May 4th, 2015 (The prize is 4 buttons of your design)

This contest is for 3 inch buttons.

* We reserve the right to award the prize to more than one design. (we might love a design that doesn’t get the most votes)
* Winners will not be responsible for shipping/handling (we’ve got you covered)
* All images and designs that are part of this contest will belong to BurchBuilt.com

* No purchase is necessary to enter
* Only participants within the continental US can enter
* Entries must be submitted by April 30, 2015
* Winner(s) will be announced May 4, 2015